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VueZone's wireless home video system offers a simple and affordable way to check on your home from anywhere! Using your existing Internet connection, VueZone sets up in 5 minutes with no software to install. Cameras are powered by batteries – no power cords and NO WIRES to run! VueZone cameras attach securely anywhere with convenient, peel-and-stick magnetic mounts.

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Common uses

A motion-activated camera placed at your front entry can record anyone at the door, notify you, and act as an ever-present deterrent to vandalism or theft. A camera in your home office reduces worry when you have housekeepers, repair technicians or anyone else in your home when you're not there. Leave cameras in dedicated spaces or move them around to suit your needs. For example, a front-yard camera lets you check to see if the lawn service did a nice job. What do you need to keep an eye on?

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Mobile access

Check in anytime, from anywhere, using an iPhone or Android smartphone, iPad or computer. You can even share live video viewing access to others.

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Easy to expand

Once you install VueZone for home security purposes, it's easy to add cameras for other uses. A simple click of a button lets you add a nannycam, a front-door camera to see who’s there before answering, a kid-cam to monitor the playroom, or a camera in your home office. VueZone is a simple and inexpensive way to add peace of mind, because you can't always be there.

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Use VueZone to keep an eye on lots of the other things. See more

Your world is now on your smartphone. iPhone, Android, yep there's an app for that with VueZone Premier service.

"There are lot of camera monitoring systems out there, but I love that VueZone keeps it simple. I have enough to juggle as a parent without worrying about what I am missing. VueZone will let me be SUPER MOM!"

Kerri J., The Maven