Take your home with you...in your pocket.

View live video from your smartphone or computer

Whether you travel for work, military deployment or an emergency, being away from your family is hard. Let VueZone help with the essential travel gadget that lets you see live remote video of your loved ones from your iPhone, Android, tablet or computer. If you’re in a busy airport, a taxi or a hotel, you can quickly see what’s happening at home right in the palm of your hand.

view from smartphone

How it works

Our simple, flexible and affordable video monitoring system features wireless cameras – much like WiFi or IP cameras – that can be placed almost anywhere in your home, allowing you to see what the cameras see no matter where you are in the world. Want to see your kid’s faces? Maybe you just want to see what your spouse is making for dinner. VueZone lets you check in whenever you want, melting away the distance between you and home.

No power cords. No hassles

Setting up your VueZone system is a snap, and doesn't require any software or technical skills. All you need is an Internet connection. Each VueZone system comes with tiny battery-powered wireless cameras that can be placed almost anywhere with unique peel-and-stick magnetic mounts. The cameras can be positioned and repositioned, set on any flat surface or moved to suit your needs in just seconds.

easy setup

Options and upgrades

All VueZone video monitoring systems come with the free Basic Service plan, or you can upgrade to our Premier Service plan which provides motion alerts with video clips to your smartphone or tablet, automatic recording when motion is detected, digital pan and zoom, additional recorded video storage, and the ability to support up to 5 cameras. Check out special accessory camera mounts for windows, tables & ceiling, and outdoors.

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Your world is now on your smartphone. iPhone, Android, yep there's an app for that with VueZone Premier service.