wire-free battery power gives you instant mobility

Battery powered and waterproof to work anywhere

With no electrical outlets required to power the cameras, VueZone's wireless security cameras can be placed literally anywhere to watch your home, property or whatever you want to see. You can network up to five cameras on a single system with cameras mounted both indoors and outdoors.

outdoor shell

Easy setup
Totally wire-free

Our wireless cameras transmit video to a small base station that is included with every VueZone system. The gateway can be located anywhere you have an existing broadband Internet connection and router, regardless of where your computer is located. Set up takes about 5 minutes with no software to install and no technical skills required. There's no need to run wires or make room for a DVR. No other hardware is required – your recorded video is stored securely online and available to view conveniently via web or smartphone.

long life batteries

View live, on-demand video from anywhere

With VueZone, your cameras aren’t the only things that are untethered – so are you! VueZone's battery-powered security cameras let you view live or recorded video right on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Whether you're at home, at the office, or around the world , you can see what’s happening wherever your cameras are located. Apps are available for iPhone and Android that allow you to view, record, and even change camera settings right from your smartphone.

iphone, pc, ipad

Motion–activated recording and alerts

For security applications, many people only want to know when something is actually happening at the camera location. Motion–activated recording and customizable email alerts help you do just that. With motion-based alerts and recording, you'll be able to see recorded video clips of activity right away...without having to wade through hours of 'empty' surveillance video as you might with a DVR–based video monitoring system.

motion recording

Use VueZone to keep an eye on lots of the other things. See more

Your world is now on your smartphone. iPhone, Android, yep there's an app for that with VueZone Premier service.