Premier Service Annual

VueZone Premier is perfect for your active life. Get notified when your mailman delivers the package to your front door. Record business operations for later review.

Zoom in and see what your pets are really up to right now. See more places and access the full potential of your VueZone system when you upgrade to Premier.

Or pay $4.99 monthly


What's a Service Plan?

The VueZone system requires VueZone service to operate. Every VueZone system comes with the VueZone Basic service included. Learn more…

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With VueZone Premier service you get a video alert system and much more...

  • Video email alerts when motion is detected
  • View on your smarphone
  • Connect up to 5 cameras
  • Pan and zoom digitally
  • Access videos from your secure library
  • High-resolution snapshot mode
  • More scheduling and recording options
  • Share your cameras with 10 people
  • Publish to YouTube & Flickr
  • View on your computer
  • More storage: 250MB

Record video when
motion is detected.

See the package left at your door. See when the kids get home. With Premier, your cameras start rolling instantly and deliver a video clip.

pan and zoom

Get the right video,
right when you want it.

Premier lets you focus in on a specific area to see more detail. Use the digital pan and zoom tool both for live remote viewing, and as a custom setting for your motion detection recordings.

add more cameras

Add more cameras.
Watch more stuff.

Premier gives you the option to have more cameras viewing more places. Just a simple click and your cameras join your network.

cheap way to stay alert

It's another great way to
stay alert. And cheaper.

With Premier, you'll be addicted to peace of mind. Besides video email alerts, you can schedule recording.