Take Remote Video Viewing To The Extreme

See how remote you can go with VueZone Mobile apps for your smartphone.

Check on your family, your home, your stuff...right from the palm of your hand. VueZone lets you remotely take a glimpse into the other parts of your life from anywhere.

view from your smartphone

Here's what you can do with VueZone Mobile...

* VIEW any of your cameras, including friends'
  cameras shared with you
* PAN & ZOOM digitally
* RECORD video for later playback
* CAPTURE photos
* ARM/DISARM motion detection cameras
* ALERTS for triggered events
* ACCESS your last 10 recordings
* VIEW vertical or horizontal on smartphones
  with accelerometer

VueZone Mobile

Get it from your app store. This app is not intended as a stand alone product and works with the VueZone personal video network. VueZone Mobile Apps are available for all service plan levels. Some features require VueZone motion detection cameras.

Simply scan this QR code directly from your phone or search for VueZone where you download apps.

QR code

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